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New Development Model Opens Horizons for Women's Participation in Development
Rabat - The new development model (NMD) opens wide horizons in terms of promoting women's participation in economic and social development, said, Wednesday, Minister of Solidarity, Social Integration and Family Aouatif Hayar.

During a coordination meeting for the monitoring of the implementation of the Territorial Protocol to provide care for women victims of violence organized over two days by the Presidency of the Public Prosecutor's Office, Hayar said that the vision of the new development model affords wide open prospects for the participation of women in the dynamics of economic and social development as well as the creation of wealth and companies able to stimulate employment.

This vision gives a particular interest to the fight against violence against women, including access to economic opportunities, training and education, through a new approach to develop an inclusive and participatory approach to all actors, based on prevention and investment in channels of promotion and social education, she stressed.

In this regard, Hayar mentioned consultations launched by her department at the regional level, to develop a strategy of pole based on partnerships with all regional actors, with the aim of strengthening the process of inclusive and sustainable development in order to achieve territorial justice between regions in the social field.

Issues related to the situation of women were present during these consultations, marked by the signing of partnership agreements with regional councils to empower women.

In addition, an amount of MAD 250 million has been allocated to support 36,000 women, an average of 3,000 women per region.

The government official also said that her ministry is preparing a reference guide on the care of women victims of violence that will be published, explaining that this document will cover the rules and standards for basic services of multi-functional institutions with the aim to improve the quality of their services.

Hayar considered that this meeting represents an opportunity to assess the progress of the Kingdom in the field of combating all forms of discrimination against women and girls.

This meeting is part of the strengthening of coordination and communication between the Presidency of the Public Prosecutor's Office and the various actors in this field.

It is an opportunity to identify good experiences and to agree on the most effective solutions to the difficulties and constraints observed in the implementation of the territorial protocol for the care of women victims of violence.