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Guide for Foreign Prisoners in Morocco Presented in Rabat
The guide for foreign prisoners in Morocco was presented Tuesday in Rabat, at the initiative of the Moroccan Observatory of Prisons (OMP), in the presence of several diplomats.

This guide, developed by the OMP, is part of its strategy to protect the fundamental rights of prisoners, while providing them and their families with humanitarian support in a migration context marked by new prison issues.

Through this document, the Observatory intends to contribute to ensuring the respect of the rights and dignity of foreigners in detention in the Kingdom.

Speaking on this occasion, the president of the OMP, Abdellatif Reffouh, stressed that this guide aims to inform and educate foreign prisoners on their rights and their situation of incarceration, while facilitating communication with the internal and external environment.

It also seeks to provide foreign prisoners with practical advice on the modalities and procedures to follow for the respect of their fundamental rights, and to ensure their access to information.

In this regard, Reffouh noted that the deprivation of liberty does not mean the deprivation of other fundamental rights, as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and recognized by national legislation.

The Moroccan Observatory of Prisons is an independent non-governmental organization, created in 1999 with the mission of protecting the rights of prisoners.

It conducts researches, training, awareness-raising and advocacy activities for a more human prison, as well as for the improvement of the legislative framework in accordance with international standards.