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Execution of Appropriation Bill: Budget Deficit of 27.4 Bln MAD in H1-2021
Rabat - The execution of the appropriation bill at the end of June 2021 shows a negative budget balance of 27.4 billion dirhams, according to the General Treasury of the Kingdom (TGR), under the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Administration Reform.

This deficit results from ordinary resources (excluding loan receipts) of 180 billion dirhams and expenses (excluding paying off of the debt) of 207.5 billion dirhams, said the TGR in its quarterly report on the execution of the appropriation bill.

Taking into account loan receipts of MAD 48.2 billion and debt repayments of MAD 22.8 billion, the execution of the appropriation bill generates an excess of expenses over resources of MAD 2 billion, the same source added.

The report also shows that the total resources of the State during the second quarter of 2021 reached 228.2 billion dirhams, i.e. an achievement rate of 52.8% of the forecasts of the Bill, noting that the arrears of tax reimbursement on value added (VAT) and requests for the refund of corporation tax were respectively 42.2 billion dirhams and 4.5 billion dirhams at the end of December 2020.