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US Congressman Urges Trump Administration to ‘Denounce’ Polisario, Take Strong Stance on Conflict Over Moroccan Sahara
Gosar, who was the guest of the Medi1 TV show "With Morocco from Washington" broadcast on Sunday, said that "President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo must denounce the Polisario that adopts a Marxist ideology, and then other reactions will follow ", adding that on this issue "one cannot remain neutral".

In this regard, Gosar, member of the Republican Party, has mentioned Washington's policy towards Iran, noting that the American administration "has stopped the flow of funds to Tehran and imposed a trade embargo that has damaged the Iranian economy."

"Following the same logic, speaking must go hand in hand with action on the ground. We must guarantee accountability," he pointed out.

Asked by the host of the program, the former ambassador and spokesperson for the State Department, Adam Ereli, on the partnership between Morocco and the United States, Gosar underlined that the Kingdom "is among the countries that implement in the best possible way this program, which is a pillar of diplomatic relations, through its contribution to peace and stability."

Morocco is among the countries with which the US enjoys excellent relations in the area of security cooperation, he continued, noting that the Kingdom is "extremely active in the fight against terrorism and against extremist ideologies alongside the promotion of the values of religious tolerance".

The US congressman mentioned in this regard the joint action that Morocco and the United States are carrying out on the front line in the fight against extremism through several international mechanisms, including the fight against terrorism in sub-Saharan Africa, the Global Counterterrorism Forum and the Global Coalition to Defeat Daesh.

He underlined in this context the determination of the two countries to further develop cooperation in this area.

“Thanks to a centuries-long history and its strategic location, Morocco is a major partner of the United States," the US congressman stressed.