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According to the latest statistics, Morocco occupies the 60th place worldwide and the 6th on the continental level in terms of number of cases of Covid-19 infection, stressed Tuesday coordinator of the national Center for public health emergency operations at the ministry of Health, Mouad Mrabet, in his weekly statement on the epidemiological situation.

The Kingdom is indeed ranked 66th globally and 7th continentally in terms of number of deaths, 35th globally and 2nd in Africa in terms of Covid-19 diagnostic tests.

Mrabet reviewed the evolution of the epidemiological situation in one week, pointing out that the total number of infections has reached 25,537 cases, i.e. 70 persons per 100,000, and that the recovery rate stands at 72%, i.e. 18,435 recoveries.

The official also deplored the increase in the number of fatalities to 382 following 69 new deaths last week, while a total of 23 deaths were recorded in June, a figure that rose sharply the following month to 125 deaths.

In addition, the epidemiological situation evolves in three main stages, namely the "confinement stage", where the cumulative incidence rate marked a slight increase before stabilizing and then decreasing to 1 person per 100,000 per week, he noted.

The second stage concerns the "gradual lifting of confinement", characterized by a gradual increase in this rate, which reaches 6 persons per 100,000.

As for the third stage, it consists of the "deep lifting of confinement", a phase marked by an increase in the cumulative incidence indicator to more than 14 persons per 100,000 last week.

With regard to the number of active cases, Mrabet stressed the considerable increase in the number of people under treatment, i.e. some 18 people per 100,000.

Interacting with citizens' questions via the "WhatsApp" application, the official explained that the likelihood of SarsCov2 being transmitted through food is extremely minimal, if not impossible, since it is a respiratory virus that is spread mainly through droplets projected when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

He also pointed out, in his reply to a question on the lifespan of the virus in the air, that according to studies the coronavirus survives up to 3 or 4 hours in the open air, which requires continuous ventilation of homes and work spaces.

Furthermore, he stated that coronavirus testing is free as part of the Covid-19 contact and patient tracking system within hospitals. However, anyone wishing to perform the test for personal reasons is required to pay the costs, he concluded.