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Covid-19: Throne Speech, Strategic Vision for Management of Situation in Morocco (Head of Govt.)
Speaking at the opening of the Government Council meeting, El Otmani said that HM the King underlined in His Speech "the success of our country in the first stage of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and that we are currently facing its health, economic and social effects, and that our country has been forced to make a series of difficult, even sometimes tough decisions, guided in this by a double priority: to protect the citizens and to act in the best interests of the Nation".

The Head of Government insisted that HM the King called on all actors, the government first and foremost, to focus on the challenges and priorities dictated by this stage, given the negative impact of this crisis on the economic and social plan, despite the great efforts made by Morocco to mitigate the crisis impact.

As part of this strategic vision, he went on, HM the King presented a roadmap for the economic component, while emphasizing the imperative to launch an ambitious economic recovery plan, to create a Strategic Investment Fund, to accelerate a thorough reform of the public sector and correct structural dysfunctions in certain public enterprises, in order to guarantee optimal complementarity and coherence between their respective missions and, ultimately, enhance their economic and social efficiency and set up a National Agency whose mission will be to ensure the strategic management of State holdings and to monitor the performance of public establishments.

Regarding the social aspect, in which the Sovereign takes great interest in all his speeches, El Otmani underlined that HM the King underscored the need to provide social protection to all Moroccans and to take measures to generalize medical coverage for all citizens.

HM the King also urged all Moroccans and all the forces of the Nation without exception, to pool their efforts in order to meet future challenges, to act with patriotism and responsibility and to adhere to national efforts to overcome this stage and its economic and social repercussions, added El Otmani.

He said that the government will assume all its responsibilities for the implementation of the High Royal Instructions, calling on "all sectors to join these clear and urgent projects for our country".

He announced, in this regard, that a government conference will be held over two days before the end of August with the participation of all members of the government to examine the inclusive and integrated recovery plan of the national economy, and during which each department will present its contribution.