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64th Anniversary of FAR: HM the King Sends Order of the Day to Royal Armed Forces

Here follows the full text of the order of the day:
"Praise be to God,
May peace and blessings be upon the Prophet, His Kith and Kin
Officers, non-commissioned officers and privates,
On this blessed day of the holy month of Ramadan, We celebrate together the sixty-fourth anniversary of the creation of the Royal Armed Forces, a precious occasion that We always want to celebrate, in view of the national significance it carries and the deep-rooted values that accompanied the creation of these Forces by Our Grandfather, the late HM King Mohammed V and His companion on the path of struggle and edification, Our Venerable Father, the late HM King Hassan II, may God have their souls in His holy mercy. It is also an opportunity to review your achievements over the past year and the accomplishments We expect from you, marked by discipline, commitment and unconditional sacrifice, values that animate all elements of Our Army.
In this respect, and in Our capacity as Supreme Commander and Chief of General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces, We can only commend your sustained efforts to strengthen the surveillance and protection of Our land, sea and air borders by mobilizing the human element and providing it with the necessary equipment and the most advanced means of surveillance that enable it to effectively face the various threats, welcoming the valor of Our soldiers deployed in Our southern provinces, in defense of Our territorial integrity, as well as all the members of Our Army who vigilantly and rigorously ensure the security of the borders.
With the same spirit of discipline and dedication that characterizes your efforts inside the country, our contingents continue to carry out their noble missions in peacekeeping operations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Central African Republic, as well as the teams at the military field hospital in Zaatari.
In perfect symbiosis with the values of human solidarity rooted in Our authenticity and Our History, you have contributed to the enrichment of the Kingdom's capital in this field by organizing and supervising several international seminars, in partnership with the United Nations Organization, benefiting in this respect from the valuable and credible experience you have accumulated.

Officers, non-commissioned officers and privates,
 Being proud of Our Armed Forces and their permanent availability under Our enlightened leadership, We do not fail to commend the measures taken for the implementation of Our Royal Orders in the field of military service, which have been a model of good management and guidance during all the phases that have accompanied the process of incorporation of the thirty-sixth contingent, by the setting up of infrastructures, teaching staff and educational resources, in order to enable conscripts, women and men, to benefit from applied vocational training adapted to the aspirations of Our young people to integrate the social fabric and to engage in construction and building projects, in a spirit of patriotism and responsibility.
To your permanent readiness to respond to the call of the Fatherland and to make the necessary sacrifices for its dignity and sovereignty is added this year, your immediate and strong involvement, pursuant to Our High Royal Instructions, in the fight against the epidemic which is striking Our country like other countries in the world, through the mobilization of all the human, material, medical accommodation and logistic resources available to Our Armed Forces in order to participate in the fight against this pandemic and to limit its spread.
You have demonstrated, as usual, your willingness and qualification to participate alongside other stakeholders in the management of this scourge, through the preparation and rapid deployment of military field hospitals, with the provision of a number of centers under the Royal Armed Forces with a large reception capacity, in order to transform them, if necessary, into medical isolation units, in addition to the reinforcement of the hospital Centers under the ministry of Health by teams made up of doctors, nurses and social workers from the Royal Armed Forces, the Royal Gendarmerie and the Auxiliary Forces, thus giving rise to very beautiful images of national and professional solidarity with your civil counterparts in all the Kingdom's hospitals.
 We also praise the rapid interaction between the units of the various land, air and maritime components and the Royal Gendarmerie, and their strong involvement in the front lines of the fight against this pandemic, alongside the various bodies of National Police, the Auxiliary Forces, the Territorial Administration and Civil Protection Services, in raising awareness and implementing the measures of the health containment on the ground, which has fostered adherence and respect by all Moroccans for its implementation.
Officers, non-commissioned officers and privates,
The important development that Our Royal Armed Forces are undergoing, their professionalism and the place they occupy at national and international level, encourage us to tackle with skill and firmness all the new challenges that arise, bearing in mind the main defense missions and the permanent daily commitments that must be honored with the same efficiency and vigilance.
 In this context, Our permanent interest in the modernization and equipment of your units stems from Our constant desire to develop your defense capabilities and to provide you with the necessary means and equipment, according to a global and integrated plan for the next decade. We have given Our High Guidelines for the implementation of this Plan, which will make it possible to finalize what has been achieved over the last two decades, so that Our Armed Forces remain the protective shield and the impassable rampart for the defense of the Nation and its sacred values.
Try, may God bless you, to preserve what We have achieved in terms of assets, expertise and experience in all military, security, medical and social fields, by drawing lessons and experiences to support promising young skills in the ranks of Our Armed Forces and encourage them to be innovative and creative in all fields, especially in scientific research, so that We are always ready to meet challenges effectively and efficiently.
 We implore God, to perpetuate on Our country the blessings of security and peace, and may that day have a bright tomorrow that bears the seeds of hope, prosperity and progress for Our people. We pray the Almighty to grant His mercy and forgiveness on this memorable occasion to the late HM King Mohammed V and the late HM King Hassan II, and to receive them in His vast Paradise among the righteous, the martyrs and the saints, the best of company are they.
 We also pray God to bestow His mercy on Our blessed martyrs who have sacrificed their souls in defense of the Fatherland, imploring the Almighty to keep you as you have always been, a protective shield against which all threats to this country will be broken, preserving its supreme interests and national fundamentals, united around Your Supreme Leader, faithful to your eternal motto: God, the Fatherland, the King".