Please be advised that the Molhak or Ishhad is not a marriage certificate but a document issued by the Consular srction, to be later submitted to either the First Instance Moroccan Court or the Moroccan Family Court in order to get approval of a non-Moroccan civil marriage.


- A completed and duly signed Fiche de Renseignements Individuelle filled out by both husband and wife download here
- A copy of the Moroccan ID (Carte d'Identité Nationale), a copy of the Moroccan passport of both husband and wife
- Two affidavits stating that one partner is still married to the other, one signed by husband download here and one signed by wife download here.
- In case the spouse is not Moroccan, a copy of her passport
- Original birth certificates of both husband and wife
- A Money Order of $18 (for Moroccan citizens an additional $15 for registration/Carte Consulaire + 2photos

please refer to the registration icon to download the form and the requirements)

- An original marriage certificate issued by an American court
- A Prepaid Envelope for the return of the marriage validation as well as the marriage certificate(s)
- A completed Affidavit signed by two male witnesses, then notarized before a notary public download here in Arabic or here in English
- Copies of the Moroccan IDs (CIN or CNIE) of both witnesses
- Kid(s)’ copy of Birth(s) Certificate(s)

Please note that all Affidavits (4) must be notarized either before a notary public or at the Consular section