A Laissez-passer is an emergency travel document issued to Moroccan nationals to allow them to return to Morocco in case they lost their passports and they can not wait for the lost passport procedure to be completed. This document is issued only after proof of Moroccan Citizenship. The following documents are required :

please fill out the enclosed application.

- A police report indicating the loss of passport.
- Copy of lost passport
- The original/or copy of the Moroccan National ID.
- Two pictures.(Please write name & CIN# on the back).
- A money order of $17.20 payable to the Consulate of Morocco.(Please write your name & address on the money order).
- Fees for returning your mail are not included in the fees above. To ensure the reception of your document,
please include a prepaid Express Mail or Priority Mail envelope obtained from the post office. Please note that this is the only mailing method accepted. Thank you.

Fill out this form:
Application (Excel document)