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Located to the north west of the African continent and 15 km from Europe, separated by the straits of Gibraltar, Morocco constitutes a unique cross-roads between Africa, Europe and the Arab world. With a total surface of 710 850 km2, Morocco enjoys coastlines both on the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. This exceptional geographical situation makes the Kingdom of Morocco a very attractive destination.

Under the guidance of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the Government has made considerable efforts to improve the tourism infrastructure and promote the sector marketing Morocco as an ideal destination for foreign tourists. Domestic tourism is also being encouraged and promoted.

The Government has underlined tourism as a national economic priority since the signature of the Framework Agreement between the Government and the private sector. This initiative has been strengthened by the signature in 2001, of the implementation of the Framework Agreement, engaging thus the two parties in the implementation of the strategic device of the new tourism policy called “2010 Vision”.

The tourism market has performed powerfully in current years thanks to the national “Vision 2010” Plan and the “Plan Azur” resort development program. The total of foreign tourists visiting Morocco grew from around 3 Million in 2000 to 9.3 Million in 2010.

* Vision 2020

The government’s ‘Vision 2020′ Plan is a national initiative aiming at doubling visitor numbers for Morocco to 18 million.
This new vision will underpin the achievements of the Vision 2010 and set new goals through bolstering the public-private partnership and introducing the new notion of sustainable regional development. The Vision 2020 seeks to strengthen the place of Morocco as an international destination. The new vision is aimed at doubling the productivity of tourism industry and turning Morocco into one of the world’s top twenty tourism destinations.

In order to allow tourism to play its full role as a driving force of the socio-economic development of the country, many measures and actions have been defined, with implementation planning, follow-up and assessment operations. These steps are related to the tourist product, training, open sky air transport, marketing and communication, tourist environment and institutional organization.

Tourism sector in Morocco generates nearly equal to agriculture and fishing products. It continues to be a vital component of the national economy, contributing to the country's GDP nearly by 5,9 billion USD each year.

* The Azur Plan
The project aims to create 6 major seaside resorts on both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean coast. The plan enhanced the tourism product by giving numerous opportunities to its professional partners and to the investors.  With a total investment of 50 billion MAD, the Azur Plan created about 70.000 beds and will generate at term more than 200.000 jobs.
Below the six coastal resorts:

  1. Saidia
  2. Mogador
  3. Mazagan
  4. Lixus
  5. Taghazout
  6. Plage Blanche


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