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Strategic Dialogue between the Kingdom of Morocco and the United States of America

The Kingdom of Morocco and the United States of America inaugurated on September 13, 2012, the first session of the Strategic Dialogue between the United States and Morocco with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding that demonstrates the desire of the two nations to strengthen their bilateral relations in all areas within the framework of a renovated, and mutually advantageous strategic partnership. This Dialogue, the first for the United States with any country in North Africa and the Arab world aims at strengthening the bilateral relations conforming to the will of His Majesty King Mohammed VI and the Administration of President Barack Obama. It is also an opportunity to further consolidate Morocco US relations at all levels and establish a partnership framework based on continuous dialogue and exchange of views. The Strategic Dialogue between the two countries focuses on opportunities for closer cooperation in four broadly defined and deeply interrelated spheres: political, security, economic and educational and cultural affairs. Each area will offer Morocco and the United States opportunities to strengthen their cooperation and provide mechanisms to advance policies and programs throughout the region and elsewhere where both nations share common values, goals, and interests. .


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