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Reception in honor of the National Press Club members

To mark the beginning of a fruitful collaboration between the National Press Club and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco, His Excellency Mr. Rachad Bouhlal hosted, on June 6th 2012, a reception at the residence of Morocco in honor of International Correspondents Committee members of the National Press Club. Mrs. Theresa Werner, President of the National Press Club also attended the event.

During this event, Ambassador Bouhlal made a presentation about the recent developments in Morocco, in the wake of the Arab Spring and its implications on our country. Moreover, he underlined the importance of the reforms undertaken, under the leadership of His Majesty Mohammed VI who, since his enthronement more than a decade ago, has implemented overhauled development projects and sweeping changes, that brought the Kingdom of Morocco into modernity and development. The presentation was followed by a series of questions and answers about different aspects and facets of Morocco.


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