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The Parliament

The Parliament is made up of two Houses, the House of Representatives and the House of Counselors. Members of the Houses hold their mandate from the Nation. Their right to vote is personal and cannot be delegated.

Members of the House of Representatives are elected for a five- year term by direct universal suffrage. The legal legislative period shall end at the opening of the October session in the fifth year following the election of the House. The number of representatives as well as the voting system, eligibility requirements, incompatibility cases, legal contentions concerning elections is set out in law.

Parliement - Rabat

The Speaker (President) and the members of the Board are elected first at the beginning of the legislative period, then at the April session in the third year of the said period and for the remaining portion thereof.  The number of the members of the Board is in proportion to their respective groups.

For 3/5 of its membership, the House of Counselors consists of members elected in each region by electoral colleges made up of elected members of trade chambers as well as members elected at the national level by an electoral college consisting of wage-earners’ representatives.

Members of the House of Counselors are elected for a six -year term. The number of counselors as well as the voting system, the number of members to be elected by each electoral  college, the distribution of seats according to regions, eligibility requirements, incompatibility cases, balloting procedures mentioned above and legal contentions concerning elections shall be set out in law.

The President of the House of Counselors and members of the Board are elected at the October session starting the fourth year of the legislative term. Members of the Board are elected in proportion to the size of their respective groups.




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