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Ambassador Rachad Bouhlal meets with Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago and former Chief of Staff for President Barack Obama

Ambassador Rachad Bouhlal met on March 19, 2014 with Chicago's Mayor and former Chief of Staff for President Obama, Mr. Rahm Emanuel.

During the meeting both parties reaffirmed their commitment to continued collaboration on projects ranging from water infrastructure improvement to strengthening Chicago-Moroccan business relationships.

Chicago is the sister city of Casablanca, a relationship that has been and will continue to be extremely fruitful for all parties involved.

According to a press release from the office of the Mayor: "Since 1982, Chicago and Morocco have had one of the most active Sister City relationships in the world, working together to strengthen the bonds between the two cities through cultural, educational, humanitarian and economic projects."

Ambassador Bouhlal and Mayor Emanuel Rahm discussed concrete steps to improve this relationship, including a student exchange program between young residents of Chicago and Casablanca.

Ambassador Bouhlal's visit also highlighted the strong economic relationship between Morocco and the United States.

The Ambassador visited also representatives of culture and industry ranging from the MacArthur foundation to the digital start-up hub 1871.


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