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Presentation at DACOR Inc, Washington D.C., October 15, 2012.

Upon an invitation from DACOR Inc, an organization of distinguished foreign affairs professionals, Ambassador Rachad Bouhlal made on October 15, 2012, a presentation entitled "Morocco's Reforms Process and the Arab Spring: Before and After".

This event was an opportunity for Ambassador Bouhlal to stress the reform process in Morocco that took place a long time before the Arab Spring. He underlined that His Majesty King Mohammed VI, since his enthronement in 1999, has implemented significant and progressive reform process and launched major development projects that brought the Kingdom of Morocco into modernity and development. He also indicated that women's rights, the role of civil society, unions and political parties, transnational justice and freedom of expression have all been the focus of the Moroccan reform process.

Ambassador Bouhlal also stressed Morocco's constructive response to the upheavals that led to the significant changes in the political landscape in the MENA region explaining Morocco's continuing pursuit of political reforms, its efforts to address security and development challenges facing the sub-Saharan Africa and its commitment to promote regional stability and integration.

The presentation was followed by a series of questions and answers about different aspects of reforms in Morocco, the Moroccan-American historical and excellent relations marked recently by the launching of a Strategic Dialogue and the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on September 13, 2012.


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