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Handicraft stands for the Moroccan cultural plurality and is present as an important socio-economic sector in every region of the Kingdom. It is also a tool to make the rural areas population, participate to national economy and to encourage the creation and development of small and medium sized enterprises.

Vision 2015 for Handicrafts

The vision 2015 aims to cultivate the growing inventiveness of the Moroccan craftsmen with the main objective of developing the sector of handicrafts in the coming years:

  • Promoting craft products,
  • Creating and consolidating the image of the brand “Handicrafts of Morocco”.
  • Generating new jobs (115.000)

The permanent development structured henceforth in 6 axes: decoration, jewelry, furniture, clothes, architecture and soil products.

This strategy intends to increase the volume of exportations to 7 billion Dirhams in 2015. Hence, doubling the turnover of the sector and improving the revenues, lifestyle and the work of craftsmen.




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