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Morocco and Egypt co-chair the 2015 Africa Day Celebration

On May 28, 2015, Ambassador Rachad Bouhlal and Ambassador Mohamed Tawfik of Egypt co-chaired in Washington, the ceremony marking the celebration of Africa Day 2015, under the theme of "Women Empowerment and Development towards achieving Africa Agenda 2063".

Ambassador Rachad Bouhlal, speaking in his capacity as co-chair of this year's edition, highlighted "the excellence of the US-African relations that continue to prosper in favor of the political will and the sense of commitment" that animate our leaders.

He reminded, in this context, that the US-Africa Summit leaders, held in Washington, D.C in 2014, marked a "step forward" in strengthening cooperation and partnership between the United States and Africa, adding that this partnership will make a significant contribution in particular to women's empowerment process in Africa, calling on to take advantage of the experience and expertise of the US in this regard.

Moreover, Mr. Bouhlal stressed the outstanding Moroccan-African relations, by underlining the current visit His Majesty King Mohammed VI is paying to different countries in Sub-African countries, proving the continuous commitment of the Kingdom of Morocco to work with African partners to establish sustainable development, peace, stability and prosperity.

The ceremony was attended by all African Ambassadors accredited in Washington, DC, along with senior US State Department officials, representatives from different media outlets, arts, leading members of think tanks as well as distinguished US figures, such as Reverend Jesse Jackson, who as a special invitee, delivered a very eloquent speech on that occasion.

Africa Day invitees enjoyed colorful and engaging performances of traditional dances and songs that are inspired by folk music that reflect the identity and personality of the African Music and dance, such as Gnawa from Morocco, the whirling dervish dance from Egypt, as well as exquisite performances from Rwanda and the Cote d'Ivoire.

In addition to dance and music, several African countries showcased and exhibited products specific to their regions.


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